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Welcome to Jazzin World® (JW) Company

Official-Jazzin World® is an innovative global audio-visual, marketing industry company and entertainment solutions provider. JW is the ideal brand with a notch for high quality products with futuristic modules, experience and capabilities to create, build and implement services and entertainment solutions that directly support client objectives, whether they are built for revenue generation, brand awareness, entertainers worldwide distribution, sales or community building. JW continues to thrive as a one stop center. 

Since its interception in 2004 JW Company has revolutionized the industry with exciting monopolistic services and products offering  Audio Books Productions, Digital Transfers, Digital Biographies, Corporate ADR, Artists Management and Distribution, marketing and branding for consumers, small and large businesses here in California and Worldwide.

 Digital Marketing

We are one of the most sought out multi one stop shop center for creating amazing campaigns and focusing on growth of your brand.

Success in digital marketing involves engaging with your customers and prospects in ways that keep you lucrative when key purchasing decisions are being made. As your business growth partner, we deplore and demonstrate clear increases in sales, traffic, and customer retention based on the programs we establish. We commit ourselves to your success.

With over 10 years experience and understanding the dynamics of core effective results we rely on sound research, brand intelligence, effective marketing platforms and dedicated social media tools to find content channels, formats, and topic opportunities that enable you to own critical customer engagement points and buying cycle.

Content Production- Digital, Radio, Public Relations, Blogs, Television or Social media.
Our In-house team combined with enhanced creative methods enable us to deliver multiple high-quality creative options, effective campaigns and high standard technical executions on every project for a fraction of the cost of traditional agency models. Our step by step system enables our customers to enjoy the savings on a project, we are able to work with several budgets.

Performance Reporting
We develop and process digital platforms to gather all of your critical performance data points and bring them into a simple reporting structure that makes analysis and improvement decisions a breeze. 

Why JW -Our professional staff listens, fully participates and with the advancement of technology formulates successfull modul plans to address from pre-planning to execution. We invest in the foundation of interdependence with your team to produce the higest results. 

            AUDIO BOOKS


The Publishers and Writers Choice

Welcome to our premiere one stop center-service. Please choose from one of our (customized) production packages that saves you money instantly. Our audio books production are executed with the highest standard in the industry and our rates are very competitive.They are based on per finished hour from restoration, cassette to digital transfers to customized production. Audio books are priced around 45% higher than their printed book counterpart; making them excellent generators of revenue. A finished hour includes Full analysis, Narration, Proofreading; quick and project completion date, Editing, Audio Mastering and Quality Control.

We estimate a finished hour to be approximately 9,000 spoken words. A 90,000 word manuscript might have a total runtime of ten (10) finished hours from $199 per hour (setup fee waived for new accounts subject to promotional offer). You provide a pronunciation guide to all questionable words, names and places or we do the research for you at the rate starting from $2.00 per word.

Save Package (SP) - Most popular 2 -5 combined orders- SAVE up to 15% discount

Flat Fee Package (FFP) - Consists of production of large inventory, volumes start from 6 different Audio Books production orders- SAVE up to 30% discount.

Let JW Create Your Next Big Seller

JW (Jazzin World) is an idealistic, innovative and futuristic company with an immediate desire to address your needs and your customers.

About JW Audio Services

JW orchestras and pays full attention to your brand and understands consumer markets, our team of certified experts have worked diligently in the industry and software management.

JW Audio staff consists of quality certified engineers, producers, programmers, directors and today’s best voiceover talents Many of these professionals have trained and studied at the Los Angeles Recording School, Full Sail University, SAE, Collins University and Los Angeles Film School.

JW operates from the vantage point of having over 20 years of experience. Using today’s best technology and modern ideas in audio engineering and production (in house) design, we produce hi-quality audio books (from text books, poetry, children -adult books, nonfiction/fiction to e-Learning books) and digital media for authors and publishers throughout the world.

JAZZIN WORLD (JW) A Full Service Audio Company

-Books to CD/Digital transfer/media

-Digital Biographies

-Corporate Automated dialogue recording(ADR)


-Mixing, editing, compression, producing and mastering

-Quality control, abridging and high quality studio recordings

-Digital/analog and audio restoration.

JW customized solutions

-Personalized service to fit your needs, budget and strengthens

-Product branding


-Passion for the art of recording technology

-Transfers from (mass) print to audio/digital formats

-Easy set up account process

To view our power point presentation or PDF – Please contact our customer team via email: sales@jazzinworld.com

Submission Policy

This policy is for all books: published, unpublished, and self-published titles

You must own all the book rights.

Provide us with either two copies of the printed book or a digital file of the book. Determining the word count is easy, as there is a feature in your word processing program that will provide you with the document’s “statistics.” For example, in Microsoft Word, just pull down the Tools menu and choose Word Count.

Please provide us with the following information:


Word count


Your contact info



 Management (Catalogs) and Distribution

Jazzin World Entertainment (JWE) is the resourceful data entertainment label comprising of today's top and futuristic entertainers worldwide-trusted as a center for discovering, merging and developing major elite talent in different genres with corporate clients.

JWE successfully advocates helping artists achieve quality artistic (singles-albums) catalogs and education in potential long-term creative and financial success. 

JWE operates through numerous affiliates (with over 500 releases) and distributors in more than 80 countries including retail stores like HMV and Tower records  (Europe and Japan) and other digital stores itunes, amazon, Spotify, CD universe and more. Our released (distribution) catalogs have established a core base consumer market and a growing demand for corporate quality artistic products. (For products/releases check your nearest store) Our team combines years of professional experience with a fresh creative perspective to help clients achieve their business goals. Blending eye-catching profiled talent and vision, commercial artistic catalogs and tomorrows global talent (bank), we are providing (custom) solutions for the more demanding clients and artistic markets. To submit your project for distribution please contact our entertainment department below -All submissions must be original content and owned by the talent (subject to approval). 


Jazzin World Community- Global out reach and positive thinking 


Help educate and promote talent- Small contributions from $5, $10, $50 $100, $500, $1000, $2500 and up thank you.   https://www.paypal.me/JazzinWorld 

For local/international orders and services contact the customer service department 24hours via email: sales@jazzinworld.com Business hours 9am-5pm Monday -Friday and Saturday 9am-1pm(Pacific time) For live support contact customer service/support team to be added to our live group chat room. For entertainment services contact 24 hours jwe@jazzinworld.com

Telephone:(1) 323 457 0216

Jazzin World Company- Official Global Audio-Visual and Marketing Industry Provider.


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JW is licensed and an equal opportunity employer.